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//SHATTEREDfragments// blACK AW|16

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"As a jewellery designer and artist, I am fascinated by social behaviours and expressions - both private and public, individual and group, internal and external. I create narratives about what goes on between the lines, what is not said - the pauses, gestures, and subconscious...
What significance is accrued by potentially breaking the skin border, the shell that separates our inside from our outside, Self from Other, physical from metaphysical? Where does one border ‘begin’ and the other ‘end?’ I believe Jewellery Art is an apt medium for discussing such a topic since, unlike some other art forms, it can come in direct contact with the skin. I want to explore my own feelings and others’ surrounding connections with the outside world through the skin. I aim to try to show visually what it seems we cannot always express in words: we as humans are always searching for something more outside of ourselves, possible answers for our existence and our relationship within the omniverse, whether that questioning takes place on a conscious or at an archetypal level.
I am aroused by the broken, overlooked, and abandoned, giving ready-made found objects new life in recycled metals and fair-trade gemstones."
2016-07-04_SH03_GinaMelosi-642 SS.jpeg


Current collection

AW|16 sees the relaunch of the eponymous debut collection //SHATTEREDfragments//. New metal colourways are now available in yellow and black gold, or burnished silver, some sprinkled with lines of fair-trade sapphires. 

“We are all shattered fragments trying to become whole again.”