Before I ever launched my jewellery line, I was an image maker. It makes sense to present my creations in this format. I used to collage the world around me into 2-D, now I concentrate on 3… Maybe there are more dimensions to come!
— Gina Melosi


As an artist and jeweller, gina is fascinated by social behaviours and expressions: private and public, individual and group, internal and external. she creates narratives about what is not said - the pauses, gestures, and subconscious. she tries to show visually what it seems we cannot always express in words.  "I am aroused by the broken, overlooked, and abandoned."


Style & Quality

we believe the two go hand-in-hand. whilst we have made several collections, we do not believe that a piece should only be worn for a season and then discarded. we give a lot of care to the ideas, materials, alchemy, and meaning behind each piece and collection and hope that they will be worn for a long time to come. we only make pieces we believe in wholeheartedly; we hope you agree.

100% Handmade

each piece undergoes many stages of small-batch production. each master object is designed and made by gina. a mould is made from each master and one of our casters produces multiples of these in recycled metals. from there, a lot of clean up and extra work must happen to bring this handmade piece to market. each piece is finished at our studio in shoreditch, east london.